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An action packed course spanning 600ft

For thrill-seekers standing tall at over 1.2 meters in height – the Action Arena XXL awaits. Spanning an impressive 600 feet, this inflatable obstacle course beckons adventurers to embark on an unforgettable journey through a labyrinth of excitement and challenge.


With an hour-long time slot at their disposal, participants are granted unlimited access to conquer the course's myriad obstacles, each presenting its own unique test of skill and determination.


From navigating towering inflatable structures to dodging and weaving through twisting passages, there's no shortage of adrenaline-fueled thrills to be found.


Embark on the ultimate adventure and experience firsthand the UK's BIGGEST Touring Inflatable Obstacle Course, where every twist and turn promises an unforgettable experience unlike any other.


Key Information

• Participants must be over 1.2m in height. For those under 1.2m, we offer the Mini Action Arena course. There is no age limit.

• For safety reasons, glasses cannot be worn on the course.

• Please ensure you wear socks to Action Arena. We cannot permit you onto the course without socks on.

• All those taking part on Action Arena do so at their own risk.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Action Arena?
A: The Mini Action Arena stands as one of the UK's largest touring inflatable continuous obstacle courses, featuring 4 zones encompassing over 26 unique challenges and obstacles spanning a distance of 600ft+.

Q: Can adult participate

A: Yes, we welcome anyone over the height of 1.2m and of any age.

Q: How will i be dispatched onto the course during the time slot?
A: Groups of up to 4 will depart together every 10 seconds.

Q: How much time do i get in Action Arena?
A: You will have one hour of unlimited access on The Action Arena.

Q: Do i need to wear anything on my feet?
A: Socks are mandatory. Please wear socks and bring along an extra pair just incase. No shoes are allowed on the course.

Q: Will It get wet or muddy? What about the weather?
A: The Action Arena operates in most weather conditions, except in cases of high winds, lightning, or medical emergencies. While the course may be wet, there's no mud involved. It's advisable to bring a change of clothes.

Q: Do I need to be fit to take part?
A: Participants of varying abilities and fitness levels are welcome to join in the fun at Action Arena. However, it's important to recognise and respect your personal limits. While the course is designed to provide enjoyment for all, certain obstacles and challenges may require a level of energy, stamina, and agility. Rest assured, you can navigate the course at your own pace, and any challenges can be bypassed if you prefer not to attempt them.

The challenge is not recommended for individuals with specific medical conditions, including heart problems, breathing difficulties, back, neck, joint, knee, or ankle issues, as well as current or pre-existing fractures or broken bones. Additionally, those who are pregnant or suspect they may be pregnant are advised against participation due to health concerns.

By booking your spot, you acknowledge your fitness to participate and assume the associated risks. While stringent health and safety standards are upheld to minimize these risks, it's important to recognize that some level of risk remains inherent in the activity. Participants engage in the challenge at their own discretion, understanding and accepting these inherent risks.

Q: Can i wear glasses on the course?
A: Unfortunately, eyewear, including glasses, is not permitted on the obstacle course.

Q: Can I accompany my child around the course?
A: Parents are allowed on the course, along with children over the height of 1.2m

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