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Perfect for thrill seekers under 1.2m in height or aged between 2-7 years old.

Tailored for children under 1.2m in height or aged between 2 - 7 years old, our compact 160ft inflatable obstacle course promises an exhilarating and memorable adventure.

Little explorers will embark on an exciting voyage through four enchanting zones, each boasting its own captivating theme. Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure like never before! We are thrilled to unveil our latest Mini Action Arena course designed exclusively for our young thrill-seekers. From daring obstacles to exciting challenges, these courses are bound to ignite excitement and leave a lasting impression. So buckle up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with fun and excitement!

But here's the best part: they'll have a full hour to revel in the fun, over and over again!

Parents & carers will not be permitted on the course.

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Key Information

• Your child will have unlimited access to the course during the one-hour slot, allowing them to enjoy it repeatedly!

• Your child should be capable of completing the obstacle course on their own.


• Surrounding the mini Action Arena, there's ample space for parents or caregivers to accompany and supervise your child.


• Please ensure that your child wears socks while navigating the obstacle course.

• For safety measures, participants are kindly asked not to wear glasses while on the inflatable course.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What is The Mini Action Arena?
A: The Mini Action Arena stands as one part of the UK's largest touring inflatable continuous obstacle courses, featuring 4 zones encompassing over 18 unique challenges and obstacles spanning a distance of 160ft+.

Q: How will child be dispatched onto the course during the time slot?
A: Groups of up to 4 will depart together every 15 seconds.

Q: How much time is allotted for my child on The Mini Action Arena?
A: Your child will have one hour of unlimited access to The Mini Action Arena.

Q: Do they need to wear anything on their feet?
A: Socks are mandatory. Please wear socks and bring along an extra pair just incase.

Q: Will It get wet or muddy? What about the weather?
A: The Mini Action Arena operates in most weather conditions, except in cases of high winds, lightning, or medical emergencies. While the course may be wet, there's no mud involved. It's advisable to bring a change of clothes.

Q: Can my child wear glasses on the course?
A: Unfortunately, eyewear, including glasses, is not permitted on the obstacle course.

Q: Can I accompany my child around the course?
A: Parents are not allowed on the course itself but are welcome to walk around the perimeter as their child navigates the Mini Action Arena.

Q: My child is taller than 1.2m but is under 7 years old, can they still use the mini course?

A: Yes, thats absolutely fine. 

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